"Tainted Soul"

March 20, 2016

I had painted this chicken and was working on the eyes when, after I filled it with white, I stopped. It looked to me like an embodiment of all the animals that are factory farmed. We don't treat them like they are living things because we don't see what happens to them. It almost taunts me, telling me I'm too chicken to look at it in the eye and take in all the abuse they are suffering.

Your imagination is sacred ground

February 2, 2016

Looking at art is like tripping, it all depends on your mindset. If you're coming from a dark place, you'll be affected in a bad way. If you are peaceful and calm, you'll have a better experience. If you are so busy you can't take the time to get lost in your own imagination then you'll never get to experience what you can do for you. And whatever you do, don't ever let another person tell you how to use your imagination. Nothing worse than an art critic, they are some of the most useless people in the world, trying to tell you how to think.

Forever Spin

January 25, 2016

Where are we going?
forever spin


January 25, 2016

It is during the non-doing phase that creativity has a chance to grow without mind control. non doing

Let Go

January 22, 2016

Forgiveness frees us from the most important thing - having to think about what is annoying us at the moment. let go

January 18, 2016

Never Again...

The slogan of how the German people reacted to the holocaust at the end of WW2. The huge regret of not knowing what horror lurked around the corner.
How easily we will close our eyes to humanity in the name of security and national pride.
Not just in our country, but in our attitudes towards others.