Image Appeal presentation May 2022

In May, the goal of this live event was to explain why design matters. I get my point across so much better with visuals!

ImageAppeal podcast August 2022

We did a podcast on me this time, where I took questions about my experience as a graphic artist.

Explaining how I solved problems with graphic design in a couple case studies. Also talked about dealing with negative feedback, and making the client experience a positive one.

Explaining my process further and answering questions from the viewers!

ImageAppeal podcast June 2022

Here I am discussing with Dr. Christopher Irving, Executive Director & CEO of the Miller Institute, about ways we can bring empathy to the hard social issues that we face with racial tensions and police behavior.

Creative explorations in video/animation

Animation used for The Departed, at The Ave Live, 9/30/2022

My animation and art on the big screen!

View from the dance floor

Social Media videos from TikTok
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