Creative explorations in video/animation

Animation used for The Departed, at The Ave Live, 9/30/2022

My animation and art on the big screen!

View from the dance floor

Image Appeal presentation May 2022

In May, the goal of this live event was to explain why design matters. I get my point across so much better with visuals!

ImageAppeal podcast August 2022

We did a podcast on me this time, where I took questions about my experience as a graphic artist.

Explaining how I solved problems with graphic design in a couple case studies. Also talked about dealing with negative feedback, and making the client experience a positive one.

Explaining my process further and answering questions from the viewers!

ImageAppeal podcast June 2022

Here I am discussing with Dr. Christopher Irving, Executive Director & CEO of the Miller Institute, about ways we can bring empathy to the hard social issues that we face with racial tensions and police behavior.

Social Media videos from TikTok

I had a hard year so this was a way to express through charcoal with the darkness and light that we all have to deal with internally.

One of the more important things I've noticed from experimenting with TikTok is that I tend to scroll past anything that was too polished, looked like an ad, or did the same thing over and over. Just being myself and playing with the tools shows a lot about my character. Life isn't consistent, and neither is my art. I look for beauty, humor and meaning.
Instagram: @terriwaterman
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