My latest projects
Animations in the air!
I created an ambient animation of my artwork for The Ave Live, a live music venue in Philly near Northern Liberties. It was projected on a hollusion screen, an immersive hologram above the dance floor. It was a nice balance to the chaotic nature of the stage and lights. 
What's new?
Design speaking engagements! 
I was invited as a guest on an Image Appeal podcast, a design agency, where we talk about design issues, social issues, and the value of empathy. 

Here I am discussing with Dr. Christopher Irving, Executive Director & CEO of the Miller Institute, about ways we can bring empathy to the hard social issues that we face with racial tensions and police behavior.

Why Design Matters to Me
I've always had a strong sense of how design works, and how to make an impact. This was inspired by my hearing loss, which makes it difficult for me to hear what people are saying when they're talking at normal levels. Visual cues help me navigate through life, so I'm always looking for ways to make things clearer through design elements.
Why Design Matters to You
I started as a designer out of a desire to empower people like you, who want a design process that's empathetic and intuitive. I believe that a good design process is one that speaks to your intuition with common sense strategies, while being empathetic to your experience. See Services
Why Design Should Matter to Businesses
McKinsey and Co, a global management consulting company, did research on the value of design. They used a McKinsey Design Index (MDI), which rates companies by how strong they are at design and how that links up with the financial performance of each company. The ones who performed the best had these qualities:
- Management-level curiosity on design metrics made decisions more objective. 
- Empathy for end users by assessing customer journeys, creating positive user experiences. 
- A deeper collaboration between design and other teams eliminate the silos problem. 
- Advocating testing and learning by qualitative and quantitative research. Continual iteration brings better solutions.
The best design performers increase their revenue and stakeholder returns at nearly TWICE as much as their industry counterparts. 
Source “The business value of design” McKinsley and Company
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