"My goal is to maintain a balance of creative flow along with the discipline of design that creates simplicity and inspiration." 
Why Design Matters to Me
I understand intuitively how design works and how to make an impact. This was inspired by my hearing loss - visual cues help me navigate through life. 
Why Design Matters to You 
Simple elegant design empowers you by being empathetic to your experience, and speaking to your intuition with common sense strategies.
Why Design Should Matter to Businesses
McKinsey and Co, a global management consulting company, did research on the value of design. They used a McKinsey Design Index (MDI), which rates companies by how strong they are at design and how that links up with the financial performance of each company. The ones who performed the best had these qualities:​​​​​​​
- Management-level curiosity on design metrics made decisions more objective. 
- Empathy for end users by assessing customer journeys, creating positive user experiences. 
- A deeper collaboration between design and other teams eliminate the silos problem. 
- Advocating testing and learning by qualitative and quantitative research. Continual iteration brings better solutions.
What they found out was that the best design performers increase their revenue and stakeholder returns at nearly twice as much as their industry counterparts. 
Source “The business value of design” McKinsley and Company
Need design or creative support?
Do you need someone to oversee the entire design process, a few design elements, or provide design consultation? Let's start with an audit of your marketing assets if you have them, or we can start from the beginning.
Contact me here and we can talk!
Design Consultation
Design Audits
Brand Identity
Social Media Content
Presentation design
Data Visualization
Email templates
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Ad Design
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Fine Art Services
Photo art, oil painting, mixed media, illustration, drawing, video production, social media content, animation. Available for commission work and large art projects.
"Forky" a surreal sports multimedia composition 12"x12"

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