"Artists have always been leaders in society, helping others to achieve enlightened thinking and problem solving."

"I aim to inspire."
Inspiration is something I value because it has the capacity to change perspectives and empower us all.
Since I had hearing loss as a child, my perspective was unique since my observations were more acute. This helped expand my creative energy, allowing myself the freedom to explore deeply into this. 
So why am I designer as well? 
In school I learned fine and graphic art skills. I realized that my creative talent would be of great use to businesses that want to stand out and give off a better impression than their competition. That's where I saw the value of my creativity and worked for several corporations providing graphic design support and web design.
Working with engineers.... what??
Working as a designer/desktop publisher for companies like AstraZeneca and InvestorForce put me in a minority position because there was only one of me and 30-50 programmers/engineers in any given group I was a part of. I created modules that they needed for their applications and websites. It was apparent that I was extremely valuable and many of the programmers appreciated me bringing new life into their projects and making them easier to use. 
After starting our business (Surreal Concepts) with my husband Michael providing design support for many clients, I eventually went back to creating fine art while he worked onsite for a few big clients like Motorola and StubHub (I still provided design support when needed). During this time we lived in an old water tower that was a replica of a 500-year-old Tuscany water tower from the middle ages. It was a perfect time to immerse myself into the environment which inspired me to do photo painting and abstract painting. At the same time, Michael was discovering needs of big companies when it came to digital transformation and we both decided to switch our services over to enterprise client needs, and eventually created our new website and company name - www.watermandesignsolutions.com.
I'm available to do commission work and design support for all size businesses. Contact me for more information!
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rosemont College
Associates in Visual Communication, Art Institute of Philadelphia
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