About Me

"Artists have always been leaders in society, helping others to achieve enlightened thinking and problem solving."

I’m a designer, artist, and writer who helps businesses succeed with design and creative support.
My career has been shaped by freelancing and corporate employment, where I bring the same approach to every problem—empathy for the user or customer. As someone with a hearing loss, I have developed an understanding of human behavior by looking for visual cues. This skill has helped me ask good questions when solving problems in design and uncover important details that make a difference in finding solutions.
I enjoy creating abstract paintings, photo transformation projects, and artistic videos that nurture my imagination. For 10 years, I lived in an artist residence—a 16th century style stone water tower—inspiring me as a photographer and painter to paint photographs of the medieval surroundings.
Presently, I offer design and creative support for a variety of clients along with participating in speaking at design conferences hosted on LinkedIn about the value of design and creativity.
- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rosemont College
- Associates in Visual Communication, Art Institute of Philadelphia
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