My photographs reflect the way I see life, differently. I want to see order, light balance, something interesting to focus on. There are so many amazing shapes in the world, and the way they all combine is just wild. I like to do photo manipulation and combine things that don't go together. Then some of these will go on and get painted, a different form of art that I have enjoyed discovering and creating since 2010.
The Tower
My family and I lived in a renovated water tower modeled after a 15th century Tuscany water tower. The builder studied in Milan, Italy to learn how to create a stone castle to house the 2-story yellow cedar water basin that connected to the well in the basement.. The first two floors were for the servants that kept the well running smoothly. I've heard stories where the horses used to peak through the windows when it was just farmland before it got sold to developers. So when I came out the door and looked left, I was in the middle ages. When I looked right, there's the road with a couple modern houses. The trees helped me forget they were there in the spring :)
These photos capture my 10-year experience living in this amazing place. 
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